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If you have any questions, please contact us by phone or e-mail: phone 08 558 43800, available on Mon–Thurs 8.00–15.30, Fri 9.00–15.30. Customer service e-mail:

Tap water is safe to use and you can use it normally.


Oulu Waterworks is a company operating as a water supply plant as intended in the Finnish Act on Water Services.

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Water looks green or brown or it is murky

Repairs in the pipeline, hydraulic impacts or heavy water extraction may loosen deposits from the inside surfaces of the pipeline. These deposits may tint the water brownish and cloudy.

The water clears normally fairly quickly if you let it run for a while from the tap or wall hydrant. If the water does not clear up in a reasonable time, contact Oulu Waterworks customer service, tel.  08 558 43800

If the tap water in building pipeline is green, it normally indicates a leak in the heat exchanger of domestic hot water and means that hot water in the district heating network is mixing with domestic water in the heat exchanger. Actually, green colour is used in the district heating water to indicate possible leaks. District heating water does not usually leak from the heat exchanger to domestic cold water and the colouring as such is not dangerous. However, the district heating water has been circulating in the pipe network for a long time, you should not use it and the defect should be repaired without delay.

Water smells or tastes bad

First check the malfunction map where we provide information about maintenance procedures and any other possible malfunctions in water distribution. You can also run water from the tap for a while as this normally solves the problem.

If the water does not clear up and our online map contains no malfunction notifications, you can contact Oulu Environment Office health inspectors responsible for regulatory control of household water. They decide whether the water samples should be examined under laboratory conditions; if necessary, they will come and take the samples. Samples are taken free of charge.

There is no water

First, check the malfunction map where we provide information about maintenance procedures and any other possible malfunctions in water supply. If no such notification has been published, please contact Oulu Waterworks customer service, who then will redirect you to the appropriate senior plumbing manager or network engineer. The contact page contains also relevant emergency numbers to call after hours.

There is no warm water

Oulu Waterworks supplies only cold water.

If the property is connected to district heating, please contact Oulun Energia Fault Service:

08 5584 3425 (Mon-Fri between 8:00 and 16:00) 08 528 8200 (other times).

If you live in a housing company, contact your building manager or maintenance personnel.

If the property is not connected to district heating, contact a competent HEPAC service. If you live in a housing company, contact the building manager or maintenance personnel.


Contact a senior plumbing manager or network engineer, their telephone numbers are listed on the contact detail page. 

Water meter is broken, leaks or water pressure is poor.

Please contact Oulu Waterworks customer service, who then will redirect you to the appropriate senior plumbing manager or network engineer.

Sewer is clogged, drain makes a bubbling noise

The problem may lie either with the service main or Oulu Waterworks trunk sewer. The there is any reason to believe the trunk sewer is the cause of the fault, you have to contact the senior plumbing manager, please see contact details.

Inspection pit in sewer system emits a bad smell

The cause of the problem may be an obstruction in Oulu Waterworks trunk sewer. Contact the senior plumbing manager or network engineer, the relevant telephone numbers are on the contact details page.

Wash basin or toilet bowl is clogged or leaks

As this is a bathroom fixture belonging to the property, the owner of the property or housing company is responsible for its repairs and maintenance. If necessary, contact a competent HEPAC service or waste disposal undertaking. In case of a housing company, please contact you building manager or maintenance services.

Meter reading, change of due date, bank account number for refunds, change of address

Water meter readings are usually submitted either online, by returning the reading card by post or by phone or fax to Oulu Waterworks water invoicing services or customer service. Change of address is submitted to Oulu Waterworks water invoicing services or customer service.

Change of due date and bank account number for refund: Monetra Oy tel. 044 703 0731.

Where to submit the water meter reading when moving from an apartment in an apartment block or a row house?

If you are moving out of an apartment block or a row house, the building manager or a person in charge of the housing company matters can be notified of the water meter reading.

Oulu Waterworks sends invoices for apartment blocks and row houses only by the main water meter.  Apartment-specific water meters are the housing company’s meters readings collected and inspected by the housing company staff.

What you can flush and pour down the drain

Only toilet paper, urine and faecal matter should go into the toilet. Other waste may clog the drains and interfere with waste water treatment. Garbage does not necessarily even get down to the trunk sewer but clogs drains in the building and also increase the need for cleaning the toilet bowl. Sand is one of the substances that does not move too quickly in pipes but instead wears them out and clogs them. In the worst case scenario, waste could clog the pipes and waste water flood the premises.

Items not to be flushed down the toilet:

- cotton pads

- cotton buds

- nappies

- sanitary products

- paper towels

- matches

- tights

- food leftovers

- cooking grease and oils

Food leftovers should be composted or put to biowaste bin. Place a waste basket in the bathroom to curb the impulse to throw litter in the toilet. Further information on bio waste at Kiertokaari Oy.

Food leftovers have to be removed at the water treatment plant before waste water can be treated. Recyclable material becomes a problem in the sewer.

Hazardous waste, e.g. solvents, varnishes, medicines and paints cannot be poured into the drain but they have to be sorted correctly. In Oulu, hazardous waste shall be returned to Rusko Oivapiste sorting station free of charge.  Thermometers shall be returned to a pharmacy. Batteries can be returned to shops or supermarkets.

Cooking grease and oil can be put to biowaste or to plastic or cardboard waste. However, let grease congeal first.

Groundwater hydrants

Local residents can take groundwater for drinking water from 8 hydrants in Oulu. There are six hydrants with Hangaskangas groundwater; Vesalanmäentie hydrant is for Kiiminki groundwater, while Haukiputaantie groundwater hydrant is an outlet for Haukipudas groundwater.

When you use a hydrant, please remember to close the tap carefully. Any malicious activity in the vicinity of a hydrant should be reported to Oulu Waterworks customer service tel. 08 558 43800.

Groundwater hydrant locations